Bringing "Pope2You" to You!

On May 24, 2009 we celebrated the 43rd World Communications Day. The Vatican unveiled Pope2You . A website bringing together all of the online presences of the Pope to one convenient location.
Do you know the Pope has a presence on Facebook? Pope2You on Facebook allows you to send various virtual postcards to friends and family. These virtual postcards include wonderful pictures of the Pope and his messages of hope. With Pope2You, you can e-mail or download Pope Benedict, XVI message for the 43rd World Communications Day. Or, click on Wiki-Cath and have an interactive study of this message. You can even keep up to date with the Pope on your iPhone with H2Onews. If your like me and don't have the iPhone or iPod touch you can always keep up with the Pope on YouTube.
These are just a few of the methods the Vatican is using technology to evangelize to the faithful. I guess that would make the Pope not only the chief pastor of the whole Church, but also the chief TECH-vangelist.

Another cool ongoing project of the Vatican: St. John Lateran Virtual Tour . Please visit Catholic News Service for the full article.

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