Love of texting!

Love of God. Love of texting. Love of neighbor. Which one of these is not a virtue? Perhaps we should first define virtue. Virtue, (as defined by is a good habit that enables a person to act according to right reason enlightened by faith. Also called an operative good habit, it makes its possessor a good person and his or her actions also good.

Does texting, instant messaging and chatting allow opportunities for people to demonstrate goodness? Yes! Texting, chatting, and instant messaging provide opportunities for people to demonstrate their goodness therefore an opportunity to be virtuous. But, are we?

Being one of virtue is not something we do sometimes but rather it is habitual. Being virtuous is something that is demonstrated in every aspect of our lives and is evident in all that we do especially when nobody is looking.

These various new ways that we communicate are wonderful ways to nurture and strengthen relationships when used virtuously. Though I wouldn't go so far as to say that "love of texting" is a virtue, but it is yet another way we need to use our talents to glorify God.

See for some general "Do's" and "Dont's" of texting.
Share your thoughts on texting and how it has affected your relationships.
For example: An out of town friend of mine knew I was dealing with some pretty difficult things and sent me simple greetings of encouragement and prayer. This was so uplifting and helpful during this difficult time. I was not expected to reply back and I didn't have to perpetuate the struggles I was dealing with by conversing about it. Rather, she gave me the space and freedom to deal with my struggles while letting me know that she was available if I needed. I would say she is a great example of textvangelizing!

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