Catholics Unite! ... on Twitter? is a first class twitter app uniting Catholics!  @MatthewWarner, the creator of this app is the master mind behind and
There is so much unity here on the Internet amongst catholics.  Every catholic blog, website, tweet, or Facebook post I see in some way is promoting another Catholic site.  (Just like I am doing here...I suppose I should rethink my angle.)  It is great to see Catholics united in promoting and supporting each others efforts.  Now, if we could bring that same spirit into our parishes! Can you imagine picking up the Sunday bulletin instead of the phone book to choose your hair dresser or local contractor for your room addition.  Supporting those that support our parish bulletin is the best we can unite outside of the parish potluck without the awkward meet and greets at a mutual friends pool party. 
If your not yet a catholic tweeter I hope this inspires you to join in the catholic conversation happening now at

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