Passion Reflection

The strong words and role we play in this weekends gospel are agonizing.  On Palm Sunday we celebrate and welcome Jesus as the Christ only to turn against him.  Not only do we turn against him, but we humiliate him, torture him and ultimately kill him.  There is so much that can be said here, however just on the surface of this topic I am compelled to question my own convictions.  I can't help but wonder if I were living in the time of Jesus where would I have fit in. Would I have sold out Jesus like Judas? Would I have the courage to approach Jesus like Veronica? Would I have denied my relationship with Jesus like Peter? Would I have been just another face in the crowd? Would I have recognized Jesus as the savior?
God is so good.  He knows I am weak. Though I would have loved to have met Jesus while he walked the earth, God knows it was not in my best interest.  I am here, in this era, in this time, on this day to share my role in the resurrected life of Jesus.  God knows that my role is best served now.

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