Family Advent Challenge

The season of Advent brings many things such as cold winter weather, shopping, large receipts, and most importantly the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. What are you doing to prepare for the latter? For many Christmas can be a very difficult time with much added stress. This year we are challenging you to make it a little less stressful for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ by offering prayers and service to their needs. Odds are that we know someone first hand that has lost their job in recent months or we ourselves may be experiencing this loss. Unemployment is difficult on its own combine this with the added stress of Christmas and we have a recipe for devastation! Rather than sticking to our own Christmas lists, I would like to see each of us be MUCH more giving with our time to serve others. Give the gift of time to your children, volunteer in your children's classrooms, volunteer at your Church food drive, volunteer at your local homeless shelter.  Let us all pray unceasingly for each other that we not give into the commercialism of the season, but rather celebrate the reason for the season!  
Let's see what creative ways you can come up with to help each other and add joy to this time of preparation for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Share your stories in the comments below and/or share pics using #TvAdventChallenge on your favorite social media sites.  

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