Lyrics that Speak

I heard a song that hit me over the head the other day with a special message about feeling eager for the saving graces of God.  Can you name this song?

"Boy you make it, make it right

Let's take a chair and sit behind

If I? if I cry

It's only cause I feel alive

My body needs a hero, come and save me

Something tells you know how to save me"

The second line about "take a chair and sit behind; ... if I cry; It's only cause I feel alive"  reminds me of going to confession.  More times than not I have found myself choking up with tears in my eyes during confession, and not always because of what I am confessing.  Rather it is because I firmly believe that I am walking out of that confessional alive!  Sin causes death to me, my soul, my relationship with God and even those around me.  I know this, but this doesn't prevent me from messing up and sinning over and over again.  This causes me to cry out and eagerly seek the one hero that can save me from myself. 
"You've got my life in the palm of your hand

Come save me now, I know you can"

Now this phrase seals it for me!  Relinquishing all that I am, I beg for saving grace and confirm my belief in His ability to provide that saving grace.

Song "Turn me on"
by David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj