Celebrating #SmallSuccess’s

Kids jumping for success Appropriately enough my week of #smallsuccess’s began with attending Mass. A two week visit with the grandparents, a week long Leadership camp and various work schedules; it has been a while since we, as an almost complete family unit, have celebrated Mass together.  Having adult children I will treasure my almost complete family unit moments.  Also, it just happened that none of us were scheduled to serve during Mass so we actually exchanged the sign of peace with one another.  Gotta give props to the man upstairs for His hand in this greatest of #smallsuccess’s!

Another #smallsuccess came from my participation in the @BustedHalophoto #BHSummerPhoto challenge that took place on Instagram this month. This past Monday as I enjoyed sipping my morning cup o’brew and going through messages I was rewarded with big news.  My #Bicycle pic was selected as the winning entry for the week. Giddy over the news I announced my win to my biggest fans here at home. Speaking of my #bicycle… I entered into the Tehachapi Gan Fondo happening in September. Keeping in line with #smallsuccess I will be sticking to the small 16 mile course for my inaugural Fondo ride. Feel free to follow this blog using the links in the right sidebar for more on my Fondo adventure.   

Lastly, this post right here is a #smallsuccess. I set out to post something this week and I followed through.  I have drafted a number of posts of which remain just that, drafts. Today, I bring this #smallsuccess out of draft status and into the world!  

Let’s continue the celebrating and empower each other by voicing your #smallsuccess in the comments.  Virtual kudos and pats on the back are as uplifting as the physical ones.  Here’s to your #smallsuccess and those to come! *CHEERS*

Read more on the #smallsuccess of others at www.catholicmom.com

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  1. My #smallsuccess was calling the City Clerk and filing to pull papers for this upcoming election!

  2. Three cheers for you Richard! Congratulations on that first BIG step!

  3. YOU'RE the bicycle-picture person? That's so cool!

    1. Yes I am Barb, lol! Have you been participating? I was on a bike ride with the family when I stopped to take the picture. They all had a laugh at my taking the challenge so serious. When I got the news of this pic being the winning entry I couldn't help but gloat a little. :-)

  4. Awesome, yeah, I love those everyone at mass moments too.