Small Success: Teamwork

This week was a total shocker week. Being the first week of school for the household college students (I am one of them, yay!) and next week kicking off the school year for the rest of the household I grappled with my lackadaisical outlook on obligations and responsibilities. The reality of fall sets in.  Bummer.
In the thick of getting into "student" mode the afternoon turned to evening and I still hadn't a plan of attack to quiet those growling stomachs of the household. I made a hopeful query "Anyone hungry for dinner?"
"No, I'm fine." said one.
Beautiful Fried Eggs!

"Not really." said another.
"Kind of." the little one chimed in.  Darn, so close to an all clear.  
"Are you hungry mom?" asked another. "I'll make dinner."
What a girl! My daughter, so willing to take charge and do what needs to be done. I felt bad though. I closed down my studies for the evening and we made dinner together. And what better quick meal than fried eggs. I usually break them, burn them and otherwise desecrate them into poorly scrambled eggs. But not this night. A good pan, a helping hand and this mommy-daughter team made some incredible edible fried eggs. 
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  1. Cudos to raising such a helpful daughter. Good luck with school.

  2. Thanks Maggie. She is one of many helping hands I am blessed to have.