#SmallSuccess: Finding Success In My Shortcomings

Seize the opportunity once a week to share your #smallsuccess and encourage others in their #smallsuccess of the week.

My #smallsuccess’s  for this week came in the form realizing my weaknesses. I will fall short of my goals at times. The assistance of others is always a welcomed gesture but one I rarely accept. I understand that my falling short of a personal goal is not reason to give up on that goal.  I will carry on.   
This week I set out to attack the laundry pile from start to finish.  I failed.  I left a load in the washer and had to rewash them and ultimately my husband finished off the load for me. I love that he just does what needs to be done without a grumble; a major win for him. 

The crew and I spent some time outdoors this week. A small hike and sightseeing was on the agenda.   It was supposed to be one of those budget excursions where you spend nothing but the gas it takes to get you there and home.  Well I splurged and treated them to lunch.  Fail. And I gave in to temptation and had not only one but two servings of soda. Fail. Falling short of these personal goals is a small personal sacrifice and well worth it for the adventure we had.  Our heads were out of the electronics and taking in the sights around us; a #smallsuccess.
While I know that these are very minor in the grand scheme of things I do view it as practice for the major things.  I figure if I can get used to picking myself up after a minor fail then maybe it will make dealing with a major one... a bit less major. I don't want to dwell on that though. 

What did you accomplish this week?  

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