#SmallSucess: Grateful and Encourged

Seize the opportunity once a week to share your #smallsuccess and encourage others in their #smallsuccess of the week.

This week my #smallsuccess comes in the form of an attitude of gratitude. As we celebrated a couple of birthdays this week I am reminded of the gift that is today. Time passes too quickly. I soaked up the celebrations by being present in the moment and above all thankful for the moment.

Despite all the celebrating I also managed to refrain from soda. Though temptation was great I did not give in. I have had soda here and there, however I have reduced my intake from one a day to five in three weeks. It's a #smallsuccess win for me. 

In the spirit of encouragement and uplifting comraderie take a moment to share your #smallsuccess for the week in the comments. 

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