Texting Unleashed with MightyText

I enjoy the convenience of text, however don't like being so tied to my phone. I found myself constantly juggling between devices to answer messages losing sight of what I was initially engaged in. Some tasks are preferred on my tablet to my phone, but I always had my phone in tow lest I miss something. I am not one to concede to a problem without first seeking solutions and MightyText has been that solution.
MightyText Screen-shot Basic Layout
MightyText freed me from my phone! This (android) app allows me to receive sms/mms messages on my tablet rather than constantly referring back to my phone to respond to messages. This app is especially handy when my phone is on the charger or otherwise not at my side. While I cannot answer calls, MightyText  will alert me to incoming calls displaying the caller ID information. I no longer make a mad dash to my phone only to ultimately miss the call from an unknown or blocked number. My shins and my children are most grateful for this feature allowing me to make an informed mad dash to my phone for the important calls.  
MightyText is also available as a web application so you can receive your messages at your workstation computer. SWEET! I don't even worry about having my phone out when I am working at my desk as I can respond to messages right from my computer. The layout is clean, user friendly and customizable making it a minimalists dream. Choose between basic layout or power layout (ideal for those times multiple conversations are going on at once) with the click of a button. 
MightyText Screen-shot Power Layout
There is a paid version of the app that enables users to schedule messages, further personalize the look with themes and signature line as well as a host of other features. Seriously, if you didn't think the app was great already the added features are awesome!
While I have been a long time user of the app between phone and tablet I only recently started using the web app at my workstation. I have to say that I find it to be equally as convenient. I no longer refer to my phone constantly throughout the course of a work day wondering if I missed a call or message. I am on task and staying informed with MightyText right in front of me.  
A nice bonus feature of MightyText is that I can call my phone from the app. Why would this be handy? Hide and seek of course! My inner child will sometimes, unbeknownst to my adult self, hide my phone from my whole self. 

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