Fondo FUN!

Tehachapi Gran Fondo is going on this weekend! You can find out more about what the Fondo is here. I am competing in the Fun Fondo of which is the small 16 mile course with a mere 762 foot climb. When I first came across this opportunity taking place in my local town I knew immediately that I would enter.  It has been about 16 or so years since I have done anything remotely so ambitious and I am thrilled to be involved.

The Fun Fondo is a completely different monster in that it is a race versus a just for fun benefit ride. I did a two day benefit ride from Ontario to Palm Springs 16 or so years ago with some friends that had experience with this ride. A  major plus. The first day kicked off at the Ontario Mall and ended at a Campground/ park area.  Riders made arrangements before hand to either stay at the campground or be bussed over to a nearby hotel. My seasoned veteran rider friends were all over the bus ride to the hotel.  I would have opted for the camping just for the experience of it all.  However, after a long 6 or so hours of riding your bike a little jacuzzi time is the best medicine.  I was thankful for the wisdom of my friends.  Jacuzzi time, a soft bed and an early wake up call to do it all over again on day two.

Day two, by the way, hurts much more than day one and no, the pain is not in your legs.  Day two definitely took its toll on me.  I was caught by the "end".  The guy at the end of all the riders with the beautiful sign on his back that says "End".  Oh well. One of the volunteer vans picked me up and I caught a free ride to the next rest stop. The finish line was an awesome sight! I peddled through there with every ounce of whatever I had left in me.

The whole experience of the benefit ride left me wanting more.  It has taken me 16+ years to do something like it again, however in between that time I raised a family to greet me at the finish line!

Fall Giveaway: FoodPlanner

With the looming threat of school starting again I have been actively consulting friends on budgeting, organizing and meals as well consulting the app stores. Last week I came across Food Planner. I instantly fell in love with it when I figured out that I can type in my own websites to download recipes from. It already has a very wide variety of websites to choose from of which I was equally impressed with. A couple of my favs being KraftRecipes and AllRecipes.  My excitement was because I could easily add my favorite recipes from my favorite bloggers such as Awesome! My favorite recipes at my fingertips to easily add to my custom menu for the week. The app even creates a shopping list for me!
Speaking of that shopping list. The app has a nice scanning function that will allow you to scan your pantry items and have it as "stock" on hand. This keeps your shopping list focused on the essentials needed for the week and helps you use what you have on hand. Nice! 

Looking for a weekly Menu plan? Menu plans that include three main meals and include a snack and/or dessert dish are available as an in app purchase. There is a good selection of free plans that I would definitely recommend trying as well. Have special dietary needs? No problem! Gluten free, diabetic diet, 1500 calories, Paleo diet, etc, you are sure to find a meal plan that will work for you and your family.   

The full version of this all inclusive app runs for $3.99. However, with promo code "toronto" (all lower case) you can upgrade to the Pro version for FREE!  Download the free app and give it a whirl.  When you are ready to go Pro simply enter the promo code shown above in the preferences (the little gear icon) of the app. With this app being available across multiple platforms including Android, Amazon and Apple devices as well as a web version you all have a great opportunity to score an AWESOME app for free! I just ask for a follow and a share, or a link back. (Trying to build my blog :)

Today marks the first day of school for my crew and I am feeling especially anxious. It could be a case of the first day of school jitters, however it likely could be excitement to plan my next menu! Hooray for FoodPlanner!

 Need help adding the promo code? Let me know in the comments and I can add a quick tutorial.