DeVine Saints: An All Saints Day Project

During my time as DRE I looked forward to celebrating All Saints Day with the families.  I had big plans for a festive evening of games, crafts and food with all the children adorned in their saintly attire. My favorite activity developed from a last minute trip to the grocery store for the final provisions. The collection of decorative gourds caught my eye and a fun group activity was born: DeVine Saints (tongue in cheek moment ya'll).  I crack myself up. 
Any-who, here is what you need:
Minimal supplies for creative crafting fun
Seasonal gourds (the variety in shapes, sizes and colors add character to the project)

Felt pieces or other fabric remnants

Yarn/ string

Construction paper

Googly eyes

Saint cards or image
Glue sticks
Hot glue gun

DeVine Saint Cecilia
Use the saint cards as a basis for what the gourd saint might look like.  Seek out defining features of the particular Saint. For example in the picture shown we have a music note. You can use construction paper and clip art to come up with accessories for your saint.
Dressing your gourd can be as simple as draping the fabric around the gourd and securing it in place with yarn or string.  I used an 8.5 x 11 white sheet of felt as the undergarment.  Looking at the sheet of felt portrait oriented I made a fold about two inches down from the top and cut a small half circle to create the hole for the gourd to fit through.  I use remnants of colored felt and fastened it to the white undergarment using a stapler.  I wrapped a sequence string around the mid section for decor and to secure the felt to the gourd. Glue sticks work to secure construction paper to the gourd, however with the googly eyes and raffia your will want to use a hot glue gun to secure those in place.
After you complete your saintly crafting snap a pic of your DeVine creation and share it with others using #DeVineSaint and #AllSaintsDay. You will find my DeVine creation on Twitter and Instagram.
Note: These DeVine Saints can last for several weeks (as long as no punctures were made to the gourd) and add a heavenly presence to your Thanksgiving table.

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