Post-It: Best Technology EVER!

 Sorting, storing and flagging key concepts have held my mind captive in recent weeks. My database concepts course has proved to be quite challenging. In the thick of completing recent assignments I found myself constantly reaching for those post-its. My hands were busily compensating for my overclocked mind.

This week, having a  bit of a reprieve, as I looked at my book I couldn't help but laugh. The seemingly chaotic dominance of all those post-its directly reflected my mental state.

Even with my use of notetaking apps and picture snapping of graphs and charts the physical need to write down the information and easily locate it in the book proved necessary.  Call it nostalgia or call it primitive; I call it DONE!  Thanks post-it!

Can you count how many different styles of post its I used?  LOL! Each style meant something and made "at a glance" referencing just as robust as using a hashtag.  The mind is a crazy beast! Based on the pic do you have any ideas on what exactly held my mind captive?

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