The Family That Says YES Together Witness Grace Together

As a family we have committed ourselves to helping our local Knights of Columbus chapter deliver Christmas baskets to the needy of our community in recent years. This is such a great time for us as we all load up in our pick-up truck and venture out to the back woods of our community.  These are  areas of our town we would never otherwise explore simply because they are a good distance away from anything. Having a mission to accomplish; we venture out far and wide making these deliveries. 

Regardless of our attitudes (as in I'd rather be sleeping in right now) the morning of deliveries, once we get rolling making deliveries our attention is immediately refocused on the mission at hand. With the kids running in and out like busy little ants loading and unloading I imagine to be a comical sight. We each have designated duties to help speed the process along. Dad checks the tags and verifies we have everything in order to complete the delivery. I am the navigator in charge of the GPS and keeping a sharp eye out for street signs. Older boys are responsible for the heavy boxes. Little ones get to Knock on the door

Our pursuit of the gifts and graces of gifting ourselves for the benefit of others has become a family affair I look forward to each year. The #GraceofYes with this line of action comes to us in many forms, but the most immediate is in spending time as a family not bickering but serving. A family "Yes" that is rewarding and fulfilling to us and we prayerfully hope it is equally so to those we serve.

What is your #GraceofYes?

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