The Grace of Yes To My First Book Club!

I have committed to my first book club! I can't think of a better book to be introduced into this world of companion reading than that of 'The Grace of Yes, Eight virtues of generous
living' by Lisa Hendey. 
The richness of Lisa's reflective writing style promotes an intimate bonding amongst the reading club as we share how her words have touched our hearts. 
I must admit that my curiosity has gotten the better of me and I have ventured ahead of the group in my reading. I was most intrigued by the title of Chapter 7, 'The grace of no'.  A pivotal chapter I will savor. The graces stemming from a no response, for me anyway, all too often have been overshadowed by disappointment in myself and lingering guilt. 
The graces found within this book reach well beyond the pages and into the depths of readers. I eagerly embrace the opportunities to grow and exercise these eight virtues Lisa so eloquently shares. 
Interested in joining the Grace of Yes book club? You can find it at  
How have you said Yes to God today?

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