Advent, Hope and Gardening

This week our small success is found in savoring Advent.  We took advantage of the long holiday weekend and prepared our own Advent calendar.  This was a fun project for my daughter and I to work on together.  We enlisted the help of baby (in birth order only) brother and he reluctantly appeased us. Sadly, I must report that all of our efforts came crashing down, quite literally, within an hour of us proudly hanging our masterpiece. Bummer.
Our next little success story comes from our kitchen window. My husband has been doing some indoor gardening. This week we harvested the fruits of his labors! Fresh radishes and basil for our chicken soup. We have had a touch of some flu bug plaguing us and with the cold weather on top of it all; well Chicken soup with a few fresh homegrown ingredients was a savory dose of just what the doctor ordered. 

As we continue our recovery here we are thankful it is only a 24 hour bug. I am one of two to remain untouched by this bug. A small success in itself that earned me the title of "Super Mom" (as proclaimed by my daughter).

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  1. I remember your radish picture from #SnapAdvent! Small world. :) Chicken soup sounds delicious, and I hope you manage to stay healthy. You are inspiring me to really try for a garden this summer---last year's was not successful!

    1. Hi Jaime! Hi five to a fellow #SnapAdvent team mate :) The gardening has been fun. We have had the most success with window (micro) gardens. Our kitchen gets the most sun throughout the day so we have a hanging planter in the window and a small planter on the sill. I would encourage you to give it another shot! We have had fun (and the most success) with our indoor micro-gardening