Small Success

I have taken many strides since the holidays to reorient myself toward attaining personal goals. A couple biggies include losing weight (a never-ending battle), continue my education and do not give up on these goals. 
I am happy to share that I am down 6 pounds! I went a week or two dropping only 1 pound, of which can be discouraging, however I am determined not to let that scale define my success. After a very long stint of no progress regardless of activity levels I am excited to see some relief from the scale. Much more importantly, I know my endurance and overall strength have reached new heights.  
Check out these step stats! This week I hit 21 days of more than 10k steps! This all started with a goal of hitting 5K a day as I was down in a bit of a funk and seriously struggled to get over 3K consistently. After 5 days of consistently hitting 5k I went for 10K and haven’t looked back! I have registered for my first 5k set to take place next month. I am so excited!
I’ve shared my January highs and now I would like to know how was your January? Highs, lows or somewhere in between, they are all for His glory!