Happy Catechists Need HappySaints

Its a few days before the start of Vacation Bible school at my local parish and I signed up to lead the Bible verse discussion of which always includes a Saint of the Day.  Panic is setting in as I am only now looking over the materials provided and my mind is racing with should've, would've, could've ideas for activities. The biggest discount store chain in my little hometown is Kmart of which does not have a craft department. It's an hour drive to any major craft supply store or catholic book store for me and I just don't have the time to go shopping out of town. I scour the internet for hopefully something printable.  (Side note here, I am not on Pinterest. Gasp! I know. My reluctance to embrace pinning is a discussion for another time.) In my google scavenger hunt I came across this perfect little slice of saintly cuteness! HappySaints.com. Have you heard of them? Oh my gosh! The cutest dang chubby face saints I've come across.  The artist, Victor Teh, is really on to something with these high quality artistic renditions of the saints. He compiles his artwork into ebooks making them available 24/7/365. For a catechetical procrastinator such as myself this is a dream come true! High quality catholic digital artwork available as downloadable resources in a wide variety of formats; SCORE! 

While visiting Victor's site I came across some ideas on how to use his resources.  Raquel Rose of StoryofaRose.com put together an awesome Prayer Card and clothes pin Doll swap for her group. If you're like me this may be a very intimidating undertaking. Do not be dismayed.  Victor puts together his e-books I believe with the "not so savvy crafter" in mind. The HappySaints ebooks I have purchased included Posters, coloring pages, greeting cards, prayer cards in landscape, prayer cards in portrait, and badges.  You can make your activities as intricate as master crafter Raquel Rose or as simplistic as my not so savvy crafter (print and cut) paper badges (pictued below). These high quality ebooks are so incredibly versatile and easy to use.  I am so happy to have found HappySaints.com and love sharing the saintly cuteness!
Here are some ways I am using my HappySaints resources:
HappySaints A-Z cards Advent Calendar: This was a fun project to do with my daughter.  We painted clothespins and then clipped the HappySaints A-Z cards in random order to a piece of garland to create our own HappySaints Advent Calendar.
A photo posted by @ginafelter on
HappySaints Saint of the Day Turn About: For this project I used a photo carousel I had on hand and inserted HappySaints badges.  Each day we whirled the carousel about and whichever Saint landed to our front we learned about that saint. The children colored the badge while I read to them about that saint. I also handed out cut outs of the Saint for them to add to their prayer journals and keep on hand. 
I challenge you to get crafty this summer! How you will use these in your home or with your church this summer? Share your pics and ideas below in the comments or on your favorite social media outlet and be sure to tag #HappySaints. Of course a shout out to #GinaFelter is always appreciated and will get a like and share from me!

UPDATE: Now through July 1,2015 you can save 20% on the new HappySaints ebook 8! Just use code: HAPPY8 at checkout!