SST: Statistically Speaking

This weeks success comes in the form of relief. God is so merciful to me and has eased us into the season of structure and routine AKA: back to school. With my husband and I registered in college courses alongside our college student, we also homeschool a high school student, junior high student and elementary student; we are a family of students at this time. College courses got underway two weeks before the rest of the family started back to school allowing me some much needed time to get an idea of my work load. Feeling quite overwhelmed at the beginning of this week and pulling an all-nighter to complete assignments I was reconsidering my commitment for this semester. And then Wednesday happened.  Wednesday was test day for my Statistics course. Statistics AND Test in the same sentence got me all ⁀⊙﹏☉⁀.   Commence heart palpitations, increase blood pressure, shortness of breath ensues and the inevitable self doubt takes over. 
Planning ahead and dealing with the details set my mind at ease about upcoming this stressful situation.  I did all I was expected to do to ensure a smooth test day.  

✔ Test proctor 
✔ Scheduled appointment for test 
✔ Take pretest 
✔ Bomb pretest
✔ Attend tutor session 

Yup, things were all lined up for test day. And then I remembered I had a family with obligations and schedules as well. Oops. My test just so happened to be scheduled an hour before the first day of catechism classes of which left me no time to drive home to pick-up an eager student. How could I forget this important detail? I was one frazzled mom.
The success is that no one got hurt or forgotten. With the help of hubby and awesome kiddos all was done and done well.  I passed my test and met up with the kids at the church in time for the obligatory first day of catechism parent meeting. We even enjoyed a spontaneous dinner date with grandma.  A total win for the week in my book!

Celebrating my #smallsuccess of the week is my way of counting my blessings.  I recognize His hand in my life and some days I actually get the chance to share my gratitude in written word. You can read the #smallsuccess of others at 
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