Giving & Being as I am

Giving my all during this season of giving and #HolySouls. This repentant sinner is seeking a holy life, but completely unaware of what that means.
In my quest I've joined in a virtual 33 day retreat in preparation for Marian consecration over at This is a first for me. I have never done anything like this before. I often jump into things seeking the adventure and ready to enjoy the journey without fully understanding the commitment on my part. And perhaps your thinking "Marian Consecration an adventure? Really?" Well, it's new to me so sure it could be. :)
I shall find Strength in Surrender during this Consecration
I entered into this ready to re-invigorate my prayer life. Truth be told, I figured it was only 33 days so how hard can it be? I recently completed one of those silly 90 day health and fitness challenges with good results so I figured I could do this with the same zeal and fervor. Uh, I was wrong.  This is way more challenging! Like give everything and expect nothing challenging. Yeah, I know. I was totally looking forward to seeing results and even half away (okay a lot) looking forward to the benefits of such a commitment. :(
So, now as I try to refocus I find myself changing my game plan of how to see this through to the end. What is it that I have to offer and give in this Marian Consecration? What is it I truly expected in doing this consecration? I don't have any answers as yet. Perhaps by the end of the 33 days I will have a better idea of what this all means to me.  For now though, Be as You Are by Mike Posner has me deeply rockin out and considering his line "Life is better when you open your heart."
A word on the link. If you are offended by cheeks (the ones you sit on) then you may want to skip the video.  The song moves me and I feel the video itself is done in good taste visually depicting what it means to "Be as you are." Full immersion baby; be as you are!
Regarding the consecration, you are welcome to join in the conversation happening at We are using the book 33 Days to Morning Glory by Michael E. Gaitlyey, MIC.
Have you participated in a Marian Consecration before? Do you have any encouraging words or words of wisdom you can impart on this seeker? Feel free to comment below.

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