Christmas of Mercy

After a long stint of no phone calls, no visiting and not even a simple birthday wish I find it hard to face family and friends over the holidays. Inevitably they will demand an explanation of my absence and lack of communication. And then there is that lil unresolved spat from years past that everyone remembers...or is it just me? I don't know and I don't care. Maybe this year will be different. Maybe this year there will be no scowls, no judgement, no uncomfortable "you're in my seat!" business when we all know this isn't your house. Hmm, who's house is it anyway?

This year, this Year of Mercy, at Christmas Mass when my brothers and sisters whom I see only a
Fruits of the Holy Spirit - GF2015
couple of times a year at most I will be more charitable than in years past. I am compelled to be all the more charitable, kind, joyful, patient, generous, peaceful and even gentle in light of this Year of Mercy as declared by Pope Francis. I want to take this Year of Mercy to heart and truly live out the mercy that comes from the Father. I want to experience that mercy and hopefully extend that mercy. 

Putting those spiritual and corporal works of mercy into intentional action this year I support Pope Francis' message of mercy. I know that for me to truly support this Year of Mercy I need to make changes! And I am of the mindset that those changes begin with my attitude. This Christmas in this Year of Mercy, I will be that face of Mercy for my brothers and sisters that come home to visit this Christmas. My prayer is that others around me will join me in my efforts in extending mercy to our visiting guests.

I visit this house frequently and there is plenty of room for a few more guests. I surely can give up my seat today so that maybe you will come back and sit next to me tomorrow. I am here frequently, but today you are here and I believe I speak for the owner of this house when I say, we are happy you are here!

Will you  join me in extending our brothers and sisters mercy this Christmas? Will you give up your seat willingly to another at Christmas Mass?  Will you be that face of mercy this Christmas?

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