SST: Sacred Silence & a Melodrama

I looked forward to my morning of sacred silence and busily prepared my breakfast of whole grain toast topped with 1 tablespoon of almond butter and a small dollop of orange honey (evenly spread to every corner in a fanciful swirl pattern), two hand-fulls of blueberries (because they were on sale last week so I stocked up and now I fear they will spoil before I finish them) and a perfectly ripe banana with the peel resembling that of a giraffes speckled hide. Such a strange correlation to make; comparing a banana to a giraffe. Can't forget the vitamins and cup of raspberry French vanilla coffee in my favorite oversized purple coffee mug. With my hands full  I tuck my devotional and cell under arm and head for the door just as my husband returning home from an early morning appointment. Determined to take advantage of the morning I walk out the very door he walks in and greet him with a passing kiss. I settle in to the cold iron chairs adorning our front porch and kick my feet up on the plastic bin that has become as much a part of the porch accessories as the chairs themselves. No sooner do I breath in my surroundings do I hear clamoring of my beauty queen making her way out to greet me. With sleep still in her eyes she sleepily announces what I already know "Good morning". I welcome her greeting and extend my arms to embrace her with a morning hug but she refuses. "I'm not stepping off this door mat" she insists "it's too cold!" Okay, she is a little more awake than she appears or maybe this is just 13. I'm not going to judge.  I smile and turn my gaze toward the horses across the street thinking she would eagerly return to the warmth of the house and continue her morning routine. Ah, but she has stories. Stories recounting her night of sleep detailing just how long it took her to fall asleep, the reasons for this delayed onset of sleep, and how it all annoyed her so. Dad is growing impatient and has been pacing in and out of the door way she insists on standing in desperately trying to keep the peace by not interrupting her melodrama account. She notices his pacing and is obviously annoyed by this. A heavy sigh on her part provides the perfect opportunity for him to spew what has been sitting at the tip of his tongue for what must have seemed like hours to him judging by his urgency. A concise report of his agenda for the day and he is now free to go about his duties without burden. Before she could finish her heavy sigh he was done and out of earshot. The melodrama continues. She has reached the part of her waking up and I feel myself getting antsy for the conclusion. I am just about finished with my breakfast and I haven't even opened up my devotional. My coffee is cold, the chair is getting uncomfortable and I fear her story will outlast my contentment.

I did enjoyed a moment of sacred silence with a hot cup of coffee taking in the cool crisp morning air out on the porch if only for a moment. In that fleeting moment and even as the melodrama continued I did not allow my mind to focus on my chipped nail polish. Rather, I acknowledged the beckoning of our rickety picnic table across the yard and let her speak. I envisioned a spirited game of cards with my crew this afternoon provided the rain holds off until the evening. My mind wandered. It has been gorgeous all week and the one morning I get up, get out and look forward to an afternoon outdoors we are expecting rain. I consider why the urge to do something is never stronger than when there is the possibility of not being able to do that something? I am jolted from my thoughts as she,venturing off the door mat, lands a kiss on my cheek and merrily returns indoors to start her morning. And just like that the my day begins.  

Oh and one final thought, we passed our math lesson on similarity and scale with 100%! Booya!!! This is much more of a major win for me because the melodrama beauty queen is brilliant, but this had her beat and I actually helped her. :)

My heart is full. 
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