Gina Felter
Gina Felter is the administrator behind TECH-vangelist. Her writing is a means to processing the data of everyday life. Whether you find it to be enlightening or informative her desire for you is to be empowered.  Empowered to persevere and dream big. 

Gina is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems and is taking her zeal for technology to the next level. With experience as Web Designer, Social Media Administrator and Education Program Coordinator she has the skill set to launch and maintain an engaging online presence.

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This is my blending of technology with evangelist.  Back in 2009 when I started this blog I felt this world of social technology to be a sorely misunderstood and underutalized tool in my area of work at the time. I worked as Parish DRE and member of National Conference for Catechetical Leaders Technology Committee. I actively advocated for, promoted the use of, and even initiated campaigns in using such technology.  I worked toward informing and educating anybody willing to listen and especially those I worked with.
The term is now defined by Wikipedia, however, this word wasn't in existence, or as widely used that I am aware of in 2009. Today, this word is used as a job title within technology and media companies.